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About Us

Zion Cable Vision was founded in 2010, with the purpose of providing customers wide variety of options for their different cabling needs. We understand that there's a lot of ready made cables in the market that may not necessarily meet the need of individual customers.


Thus, apart from selling ready made products, we also provide customized cables to best match your needs.


We also sell a variety of network, audio and visual accessories.


Zion Cable Vision - Customised Cables
Zion Cable Vision - Ready-made cable
Zion Cable Vision - Accessories

If the cable that you are looking for is not readily available, due to different connectors or length, let us know your requirement and we can help you customize the cable that you require (subject to compatibility).

We carry wide range of different types of cables to suit your needs, from computer, to networking, to audio visual connectors

At Zion Cable, you can find different accessories for your computer or audio visual needs.

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